Design Process

I get the question all the time about how I design my pieces. So I have attempted to put together an over view about how my design process comes together from beginning to end in the best possible way that I can without going into every boring, yawning detail. This would probably be a good time to get a cup of tea or glass of wine. Hope you enjoy!

Everything begins with thumbnail sketches, drawings and tons of inspiration, ...and then a lot more sketches... until I find those final drawings/illustrations that I feel would be fantastic to turn into some sort of final printed goody... like a silkscreen textile decorative throw pillow, handbag, or home decor piece.  I take those drawings and print a black and white image that will be used to make my screen.

The final black and white illustrations are then burned onto screens that are used to hand silkscreen textiles using screen printing inks... I like to use Eco-Friendly water based inks.


I mostly print onto cut out blocks of fabric that maybe around 24"x 24" so I'm left with a printed silkscreen textile that I can use to make my decorative throw pillow, handbag, wristlets, or home decor pieces.  I also like to use the silkscreening screens to print onto cradle board to make one of a kind paintings that are ready to hang right onto a wall. 


I then take those printed textiles and carefully design, cut, and pair with scrumptiously, yummy ... I wouldn't have it any other way... fabrics, trims, solid hardware, and responsibly tanned leather.  I also try to recycle and up-cycle when ever I can, not only does it make for more interesting pieces with a little history but I love to help with the environment when ever I can.

Next... and this is when things really come together... I take everything that I have designed, cut, and matched with it's goodies and clamp it all together with little bull clips since I add so many layers... and yes sometimes clamped together with really big bull clips... and sew everything together on my amazingly wonderful Seiko industrial sewing machine.  She's my sewing machine love!  But don't be fooled she's a gentle giant who would take my fingers off if I look the other way, but I love her so! :)


And voila!  Hand silkscreen textiles designed into one of kind pieces.  I hope this helps to demonstrate how much time, love.. and yes fun... I put into each and everyone of my pieces.  Thanks for hanging in for this design process over view.  xoxo,  Jacque :)