Katwise, she's just amazing!

The other day I came across the most amazing store on Etsy owned and run by the lovely Katwise.. who could be Gwenyth Paltrow's younger sister... who makes the most gorgeous up-cycled sweater coats that I have ever seen.  She has been selling her patchwork clothes when she followed the Grateful dead tour 20 years ago.  Each coat is made from 20 recycled sweaters that she cuts apart, designs into a new sweater or coat then sews them together using a serger machine.  Each sweater is a gorgeous one of a kind piece.  And the most amazing thing is to watch how they sell on her Etsy shop.  She designates a date and time when she's going to sell her items, which you get to preview on HER FACEBOOK the day before.  On the designated selling day and time she will list about 50 coats, sweaters and arm-warmers and you better not blink because they will be gone with in a matter of minutes.  This past Saturday Sept. 10 I got to witness one of these exciting and entertaining events.  As soon as she listed batches of sweaters and arm warmers they were disappearing off the page.   You could just feel the frenzy as everyone was dashing to the check out to pay for their item before they lost  that one of a kind beauty to someone else, it was really exhilarating and fun to watch.  You go Katwise, you're awesome!  Check out Katwise's Etsy store here.   
Love the color the color combinations in all 3 of these sweater jackets.
Love this queen of hearts jacket
Black and white beauty is also very fun, it's really hard to just pick one as my favorite, everything is so pretty.

And what fun this last one is, the combo of the blues and hint of turquoise, just exquisite

I purchased Kastwise's tutorial and will have to give it a go and see how I do at making one of her coats.  I'm excited to learn from a master designer!
Happy Monday!
Jacque :)