Jacque Pierro designs are heading into boutiques!

So I recently received a lovely request for some of my bags to be sold in a salon boutique and of course I said that I would love to be apart of this.   This was the final selection that is being packed for the their   spa destination.  I might just have to pack myself in with them so I could have a nice spa day.

Here is the lovely Pam Spillman-Edmonson owner of SKIN ESSENTIALS, she's a holistic esthetician, makeup artist, and extensionist.  She has a holistic approach to healthy skin taking in factors such as a healthy diet, outlook on life, stress and environmental awareness.  She's mind kind of gal!  If your in Wichita Kansas stop in and pamper yourself with Pam's treatments and pick-up some of my bags.

I just love Pam's color sense, the brown, lime green, and white.  So contemporary and clean!

Happy Wednesday Everyone!


Jacque :)