Design changes

This week has been filled with many, many changes to the design and marketing aspect of my brand and company.  To start off your lovely tour here's a look at the new J*P logo.  Sassy yet professional, just how I like it.  Which started her debut in the new blog banner.  Tralalalalal!
A new design look to the J*P website, have a look around and see what you think, there's still things that I'm tweaking and updating... but that's what makes it fun!

I'm still figuring my way around Twitter, but at least I have a prettier page now.  Come follow me for updates, give aways and sales that are soon to come.  Come Twitter me here

And last but not least, a new shop banner for the P*S store
Have a spectacular weekend!
Sunshine and smiles my lovelies!
Jacque :)