I'm Mr. Dunk to you!

Things have been so busy around here at Pierro Studios that I have neglected to post to my blog lately.  Lots and lots on the design table.  Custom orders coming in, orders from the boutique going out, business conferences to attend, a Royal Wedding to watch and of course always designing new products.  I have a list of new tote bags that I have been working on that will make their way into the boutique soon as well as some new prints on cradle boards.

But I took a quick break yesterday to take our very handsome yet very honorary terrier mix (Dunkin) to the vet yesterday, and I was informed by our wonderful long time vet that the boy needed to go on a diet.  He's a HEFTY 60lbs. now.  Dunkin is our rescue dog that we got from the pound when he was 3 months old, he's almost 6.5 years old now.  When we got him they said that he was 10 months old and that he was a dachshund mix. Yeah, I had always wanted a Dachsund.  He was 10lbs at the time so he wasn't suppose to have grown that much more, maybe he would get to 15-20lbs.  Well he surpassed that a long time ago, and now we have what looks to be a Basset/Terrier mix (we still love him tons though)... not really sure except that he now weighs a chunky monkey weight of 60lbs.  The boy has been put on a restricted low calorie food diet with plenty of green beans to keep him happy with his binge eating, plenty of walks during the day and hopefully I'll get him back down to under 55lbs.  He can do it he's the Dunk!  Maybe I'll make him wear that hat when we go for our walks.  LOL!



Jacque :)