8x10 prints have definitely landed in the store front

Print of one of my paintings done by a combination of painting and silkscreening one of my drawings and patterns.

8x10 print of illustration and painting 

I just had to add some of my illustrations of my black cat to the store.  Different look than my fashion work, but who cares, he's fun.

If this print receives a good response I want to screen print this illustration onto tote bags.  Fingers are crossed because I want one for myself.

Lots and lots of new items listed to the store this week.  Little treasures everywhere, some twists and turns with some of the new images.  Even though the black cat isn't as fashiony as the fashion illustrations... I don't care, I just like him and he just needed to be added to the shop.  Lots and lots of fun stuff in my portfolio tool box that need to get out into the open for a breath of fresh air and to stretch their legs.

Lots and lots of fun work to accomplish.


Jacque :)