The amazing Tracy Porter!

Check out these little beauties, they're from the amazing TRACY PORTER collection... and I must have them, I must!  Do I dare tell you that you, and I really mean hopefully me, that you could win them in a giveaway.  Head on over to the TRACY PORTER BLOG for all of the details.  But they're mine, all mine I tell you. LOL :)

Made it out of the studio this morning to run a couple of errands with my little furry studio buddy...Lil' Miss Shimmey Marie.  Made some new friends today... at the BURLAP HOME store, very cool store, highly recommend it... with the delightful Patrick and his handsome little dog Mr. Cody... who Shimmey seemed to have a little crush on... can't blame her he's adorable.  

Now that we have settled back into the studio the day will be filled with listing new items to the store, photographing all the new yummyness, and creating some new fun things that have been spinning around in my head that will be making their way onto the design table.

Have an amazing weekend!



Jacque :)