How wonderful!

Started off wonderfully this week, not only with Valentine's Day with my sweetie but with the Stylish Blogger Award from my  friend and fellow artist Mirjana Cesar.  What a way to start the week! :)

Thank you Mirjana for the wonderful award!!!

The Stylish Blog Award works like this:

  You have to:
- Thank and link back to the person who awarded you;
- Share 7 things about yourself;
- Pay it forward to 15 blogs you like (but 3, 5 or any number is ok!);
- Contact those bloggers about the award!

7 things about me...

1. I love animals, everyone who knows me knows this about me.
2. My horoscope sign is Aquarius.
3. When I find something that I love to eat I will eat if over and over again.
4. I like cooking Mediterranean dishes lately.
5. I have 50 cousins.
6. I love designing.
7.  I start my day with a yogart smoothie made of yogart, spinach, blueberries, ground flax seeds, cranberry juice, and agave nectar.  All blended with a immersion blender.  Yummm! :)

I will share this award with the following stylish bloggers:

Alisa Burke
Twinkie Chan
Studio Waterstone
The Black Apple
Maiden Jane
Print and Pattern
Design Sponge
Tracy Porter

Off to design and sew today, lots to do before the show.


Jacque :)