Fabric laid out on the design table ready to be designed, cut and sewn into 7 new bags for the up coming show.  Looks to be a fun and busy day.  Just noticed that one of my favorite books is on display in this pic  "The Bag Making Bible" my favorite go to book for constructing bags by the wonderful Lisa Lam.  Check out her site for sewing materials, tutorials, and lots of fun goodness.

New bags in process of being made, just waiting for their zips to go in before anything else can move forward.

New lighting system to photograph my products and perhaps the furry kids head shots just for fun.

You might notice the printed fabrics in these bags that were in yesterdays blog post of the recent collage type prints that I have been working on.  Well, they have begun to be incorporated into my new bag designs that I worked on all day yesterday.  They're in progress right now, I have them already up to the point of inserting their zips.  The handles and lining are also already to go, but those zips need to go in before I can move forward.  The plan is to line up a bunch of bags then go to the store this weekend to purchase the coordinating zip color.  So much fun, loving it!  I have fabric laid out on the design table ready to be cut into 7 new bags for their very own fabulousness.

Introducing my new lighting system that I recently purchased to photograph my work.  It puts out tons of light but the pics are still a little darker than I want.  Still playing with the settings.  I'll get it soon by God.

Happy Tuesday!  Off too design, cut and sew!


Jacque :)