First day back in the new year

Happy New year everyone! Even though I went back to work last week today is my first day back to blog in the new year.  I had a WONDERFUL Christmas vacation with my husband and furry kids; lots of food, rest, movies, snuggling and sugar cookies.  It was awesome!

Right before the week of Christmas I had a lovely patron from Bedford Massachusetts who purchased almost all of my pillows, 15 in all.  Wow, what a wonderful order to start my newly opened store and an even more wonderful way to help end the year.  Right before  Christmas break things got wonderfully crazy with orders flying off the shelves, I can say that it was all very exciting to see so many people giving my pillows, bags and prints  as gifts for Christmas.  Thanks to all of you fantastic people.

So, exciting things going on in the studio since I've been back to work.  I've had my first published interview by my friend Mirjana Cesar who I've know for years,  I met her through her husband, Darko, who my husband and I worked with at the Walt Disney Animation studio.  Mirjana is a fantastic artist and designer who sells her  work on her site.  Check out the interview and all of Mirjana's work at her blog

Over break I decided that my New Year needed some changing up, my office/studio space is just not as work friendly as I would like and desperately need.  I made the decision that it was time to sell my Walt Disney Animation desk that I purchased before I left the studio here in Orlando Florida when it closed.  Little bit of a hard decision for sentimental reasons but the lovely lady is just not being utilized the way that she needs to be.  And I need a desk/ table that I can cut fabrics, pin projects, and layout designs on.  I also needed something that has more storage for all of the yummy fabrics and goodies that I have on hand to design new products for the store.  So yes, the desk has gone up for sale for the original price that I bought her for, $1200.  Contact me if you are interested.  As of right now I do have a buyer interested but nothing has been finalized yet.  I have quite a few people interested so far.  She's already been pushed off into a corner in another room until the right owner has claimed her as their own.

Off to redesign my studio space and create, create, create to restock the store from it's wonderful holiday purchases.


Jacque :)