Going up!

Well recently I have been MIA due to all the goings on around here at Pierro Studios, with the big exciting news that our store is finally starting to make her appearance!  It has been a long time coming backed with tons of work to make it to this day, fun exciting work most of the way with some bumps and bruises, but nothing I can't handle.

Over the next month a few of the 60 new items will be added daily to the store front, so please stop by the shop to see the updated merchandise.  Click HERE to go to the store.

Thanks for all the love and support from everyone, especially from that wonderful husband of mine (John) who has encouraged me daily to not to give up and to keep going with my passion and dreams.  Love ya baby!

My next adventure is to figure out Excel so I can make spreadsheets so I can balance the books and keep track of inventory, scary but I actually like doing this.

Have a fantastic week in this gorgeous fall weather!


Jacque :)