Sample of the photos that will be posting to the new store.

Well I've become a little neglectful in my posting to my blog lately due to the massive amount of work that I have been doing to get our store up and running very soon.  I have been photographing my over 60 products that I have in stock that will be opening the store slowly next week.  Wow, the cataloging and photo shoots have taken a while, but are really fun.  To go through each level of the process to bring a product to market has been so rewarding and exciting!  So much better than being in the licensing world where so many middle-men and gatekeepers get in your way of your designs, quality products and direct contact with your customers/ clients.
So I''m opening it up to the floor and looking for your comments and feed back on the photos from this photo shoot.  Any suggestions or different ideas on how I should use props,  lighting, ect. to get my images and product across better?  Let me know your thoughts.
I'll also open the discussion board on what type of products you would like to see created from our studio.
Well I'm off, lots to do the rest of this week, like setting up book keeping, the shipping system, fine tuning the store front and policies, making handles for final clutch purses, ect., ect. ect.  Tons of fun with new adventures.
I hope it's as gorgeous outside where you are as it is here in Orlando, Florida!