Off the design table

This is my funky baby.  She's done in a textured, fringed zebra print, pretty cool.  She's a perfect size for the center of a bed or sofa.

This little lady is a furry little love, she's super soft and luxurious, oh so yummy.  Also perfect for the center of a bed or sofa.

The exotic beauty.  I added a pattern on the back of the pillow that had a feeling of leopard skin.  She's a 20"x20" pillow.

I was finally able to finish this little love from the other day that I started.  The center pattern fabric on the back is a silky soft fabric, another yum.

It's all a buzz around here! Between assisting my husband, John, with anything he needs help with to pull his gallery show together that is in a week, and projects pilling-up on my design table, and throwing in a little jewelry design freelance work in the mix, it's been just a wee bit busy around here.  But that's how I like it, my hair on fire!  I was able to finish my freelance work on time, super fun, loved the project I was working on and the client was really happy, always good.  I finally returned to my design table and finished these pillow beauties.  None of them have their insert pillows yet, but will soon.  So, I feel that the pillow line is complete at this point and  I  will be moving onto the 12" clutch purse designs sitting on my design table wanting my attention.  Busy but fun weekend in store for me.

Have a fabulous weekend.


 Jacque :)