Stripping isn't easy, stripping screens that is, heehee

OK, stripping the screens didn't go as planned yesterday, the emulsion just wouldn't come out of the screens. Whether the reclaiming solution was old or just stored at a temperature to hot, it was not going to remove that emulsion. So the alternative was to pop the screens and replace them with new, stretch them and prep them with a degreasing. Now they're ready for their new emulsion coating, hopefully by they end of the day I'll have them all burned with their new images.

Here are 2 of my 3 furry kids, Zen the kitty was off sleeping somewhere, couldn't find her. Lil' Shimmey Marie is on the left and Dunkin Jay is the sleepy guy on the right. Aren't they soooo cute!

Off to work with screens, have a fantastic weekend!

xoxo, Jacque :)