Zips, Zips, Zips, lots of pics of zips today

These are pics of the zip bags that I sewed yesterday. The colors are off in the pictures, I'm working on better lighting and playing with the settings on the camera so I can get more accurate images.

I used a black check fabric for the handle, the lining and back of the bag.

Front of the bird bag.

I love this black fabric with bright blue dots the covers the back of the Bird bag.

Inside I used a silky bright blue fabric for a little sass inside of the bag.

Another style of zip back that I put together. These would be great for holding make, makeup brushes, or pens pencils.

A little sassy red pleather for the back of the bag for a little kick!

Pieces cut and ready for the next bag to be sewn.

The day is filled with more sewing the pile of zip bags still on my desk, how fun!
Have a fantastic weekend!

xoxo, Jacque :)