Busy, busy,busy!

I've been very busy the last couple of days working on freelance work and building my new website. The site is still in progress, but check it out anyway, www.JacquePierro.com , it has a much different design and much different work than when I was doing my Hey Poodle line. I am having so much more fun now doing my work without having the reins of contracts on me. I like the freedom to change what ever I want when ever I want as I see fit. And I love designing products that I actually can be proud of when they go to market. Pushing forward, pushing forward, pushing forward. Still waiting on some of the new shirts for me to print my designs onto. Can't wait to see these new shirts, I hope they turn out as nice as the photos showed when I ordered them, they're really cool designs. I think my images will look cool on them.

How do you like the pic of my sister Heather and I? Aren't we hilarious. We're in front of our wood playhouse, I LOVED that thing! Heather and I decided to dress up for the fun of it, I was a fashion designer and Heather was a backward hobo. Yes, I said it "a backward hobo". She still doesn't know why she came up with this, but isn't she adorable! :)

Once I finish some freelance tomorrow, it's time to get out into the studio to play with some ink and screens.