OK, I can finally let my big secret out of the bag!!!!!

Yeah, I can finally talk about the project John and I worked on over the summer. My husband and I had the wonderful opportunity to work on yet another Walt Disney animated film. It was such a pleasure to work on another hand drawn Disney film with some of our former crew from the Orlando studio that now works with Premise Entertainment. Thank you so much Premise for not only allowing John and I to work on the film, but to also be apart of history with the first African American Disney princess. In August John and I were able to attend a wrap party screening at the Enzion theater here in Orlando and the movie was stunning, we just loved every bit of it. It was also a wonderful day because the directors Ron Clements and John Musker were flown in special for the occasion who signed our movie posters. It was so much fun!!!! :) Go see the movie everyone it was FANTASTIC. It opens in theaters tomorrow Friday December 11th.

PS:There's a gorgeous scene that Eric Golberg animated of the alligator where he's playing a trumpet while the frogs are jumping around him while he's swimming on his back through the bog. John and I had the opportunity to clean-up a huge chunk of the this scene. IT WAS AWSOME to work on Eric's gorgeous drawings and animation. Such fun!! Keep your eyes open for it.

Toodles Poodle