Designing and printing

Lately I've been working on sketches and designs for new shirts to print. I had a really good printing run this week and I'm excited to design another batch to be printed in the next few days. I have been printing onto my own clothing because I'm sick of wearing small mens tees which I was using for the test prints. It's so much more fun to be wearing a girls tee than a boys boxy tee all the time. When I feel like I'm ready I'll place an order for some fun cute tees from American Apparel and/or Alternative Apparel. They both have some really cool designs for clothing that I think will work well with my designs. But for now, while I'm still in the play stage, the boys tees will work just fine or anything else I can get my hands onto. I included some of the thumbnail sketches, sketches and the final printed tees. I definitely want to print onto some cuter t-shirts and clothing than I used for these final prints. See what you think. Toodles Poodle